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Trompe L'oeil Murals

Trompe l'oeil - is French for 'deceive the eye', and is an art technique involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects appear in three dimensions. In murals this can be an effective way of creating a visual joke, suggesting perhaps that a blank wall has a bookcase on it, or by creating the illusion that a wall has a window or archway, opening to a further room or a distant view. Not only does this add humour and intrigue to a room, it is an excellent solution where the desire is to increase the visual size of a space or create perspective in a space where the sight lines are shorter than they might be. Trompe L'oeil murals can also be used to create atmosphere in a small awkward space such as an alcove or corner, making it intriguing and beguiling.

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