Nick Hobbs (Portrait)

Mural Artist Nick Hobbs

Nick Hobbs mural artist – based in West Sussex

Nick Hobbs has specialised in hand painted murals and trompe l'oeil painting for more than 20 years. 

Early in his career he successfully trained with sign artist extraordinaire Steve Goodheart, respected decorative artist Caroline Webb and then with one of the UK's leading muralists Guy Marciandi, who Nick frequently works alongside today.

Hand Painted Murals

Working closely with architects, designers and private clients, Nick creates original designs to complement any decorative scheme, be it traditional or contemporary. He is dedicated to the medium enjoying the need for meticulous technique, artistic flair and the opportunity to create a mood in a space just using colour and form. Where appropriate, he employs the technique of marouflage, a classical method of applying a painted canvas or paper directly on to walls or ceilings, allowing him to complete any commissions in his studio. 

Bespoke Mural Art Commissions

Nick's mural work has taken him across the world, allowing him to build up an impressive reputation over the years with an extensive portfolio and a number of prestigious clients. His murals and trompe l'oeil paintings decorate many hotels, restaurants, public spaces and private homes all over the UK as well as internationally.

Bespoke Mural Services Offered

Nick Hobbs provides a versatile service, listening carefully to client requirements in order to create a lasting piece of art which aims to exceed the client's expectations. Frequent commissions include:

Mural Projects for the Future

Nick Hobbs is continuing to hone his skills and is constantly looking for commissions that will set him a fresh challenge. An on-going development has been the refinement of the marouflage technique to carry out bespoke mural work on canvas or paper that can be affixed to a client's wall after completion. The benefit of this approach is a reduction in cost in the region of thirty per cent, as well as the opportunity to keep disruption in the client's home or business to a minimum and to bring forward completion dates where other major works are involved. This is by ensuring the mural painting, usually the last thing to be done, can be being carried out off site whilst other building works are taking place. 

To find out more about commissioning a work, try: frequently asked questions page, see what other clients have to say, or to discuss your ideas without obligation, contact Nick